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Be on the lookout for our Fall worship theme/focus that begins on

Sunday, October 5!  It will be a “HONEY” of a theme!



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Although many people set new resolutions at the first of the year, autumn is a great time to make new intentions for your life.  This autumn I began driving through Silver Lake Park every day on my way to church with the intention of soaking in and appreciating God’s creation through the beautiful changing leaves.  Some days I am so distracted by my thoughts that I exit the park and realize I was thinking about other things instead of being present to the beauty.  On those days I pause, take a deep breath, and re-set my intention to be present the time I drive through beauty.  What are the intentions in your life right now?  When you don’t meet those intentions, are you able to see the next day as a fresh start and opportunity instead of getting stuck in the past? 


Pastor Kayla