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Hard to believe that summer is nearly over (sorry to break that news to you).  It has really been an “awkward” summer for me.   My travel schedule (for meetings, events, time away, etc.) has been very random and spotty.  We have been working on and doing an inordinate amount of major projects and ministries for the life of the church that will be happening this next year, and summer-time, which is normally more relaxed, has been running on full-speed.  Our Sunday morning worship leadership and preaching schedule has been very sporadic. Vacation schedules for myself and other staff have occurred, and our Traditional Music Director, David Phelps, has accepted a new teaching position in the cities and is leaving Rochester.  On top of that, we are preparing to take Leah to Clemson University in Clemson, SC for graduate school.  With all of this unsettledness and movement I have had a hard time staying spiritually centered in the ministry groove.  I know many of you have shared your unsettledness this summer too.

When I feel this way my first reaction is to run away and hide or consume myself so much in busyness that I won’t have to be bothered by the nudging of God.  But, ironically, God has a different idea.  When I sense I am feeling this way I find myself being drawn more deeply into scripture and prayer.  Maybe it is God’s way of saying I am with you always!   Most recently I have been focusing on the 8th Chapter of Romans to become reconnected and inspired by what God is doing in our lives.  This powerful chapter calls us, challenges, engages us in God’s Love that will never let us go, no matter how much we try to run away - It breathes life into us through God’s Love that we can never be separated from, no matter what we try to do.

So, my friends, I encourage you to let God be on you, with you, in you, and through you over the rest of the summer.   If you are feeling like you are a little unsettled, focus on the gift that God has given you and engage in the blessing of God’s amazing Love that will not let you.

Blessings and Peace,


Pastor Paul