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Recently our Faith Formation Team focused on the mission of our youth ministry program.  We are excited about the ministry that takes place with our children and youth. 

Youth Ministry Mission Statement


* Nurtures and develops youth on their faith journey
* Fosters safe and trusting relationships
* And provides opportunities for service


We realize how important it is for families and parents to know the dates and details of our Peace UCC Church events in advance.  To better facilitate communication, we have created 4 Google Calendars with upcoming event dates for our Children, Middle School, High School, & Confirmation/OWL ministries.  These dates span from today, to a year out, and new dates are regularly added and updated.  The calendar titles below will allow you to see events which are relevant to your schedule, (and if you already use google calendars, you may add these events to your own Google calendar).  


Peace UCC Children


Peace UCC Middle School


Peace UCC High School


Peace UCC Confirmation & OWL



Pastor Kayla