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2015 Lenten Schedule

Wednesday Evenings (Mar 4 - Mar 25)

6:30pm ~ Taize-Style Worship

7:00pm ~ Adult Confirmation Discussion (topic for 2/25: Baptism)




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“I’m Walking in a Wilderness Wonderland” 

One of my Pastor Colleagues made a comment to me last week… She said, “Every time Lent rolls around and you talk about the scriptures for Lent and meaning of the season, you always appear to have a look of wonder in your eyes.”  I hadn’t realized that I had projected that feeling.  But… she was right.  There is something that happens to me each year during the Lenten Season…. There is something wondrous and wonderful as I reflect upon the Lenten Scriptures, upon my life, and my/our ministry during this time.   It is powerful to be in the wilderness. 

I know the wilderness can be a lonely, barren, hard place… and we all have our wilderness experiences in our lives.  But for me, the Lenten wilderness time allows me to find space to become closer to God.  It seems when I need it most… when I am feeling like I am deeply in the wilderness and wandering, I connect more greatly with God than ever and I engage more fully upon the amazing gift of grace that God gave to us all in the world.   Walking in the wilderness, during Lent, allows me to appreciate more fully the wonder and promise and assurance that God gives to each of us, and builds a heightened expectation that is to come as we await another glorious Easter Morning and proclaim, “He Is Risen”.  Out of the wilderness… out of hopelessness… out of hurt and pain… out of death…  NEW LIFE IS PROMISED!   When we reflect and experience that… Yes… WE ARE WALKING IN A WILDERNESS WONDERLAND!   I hope you will walk with Jesus and one another during this Wilderness Time… and anticipate the wonder that we know is yet to come!

Blessings and Peace on your Lenten Wilderness Walk!


Pastor Paul