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Footsteps to the Future




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Summer is here!  This is the time of year we relish and look forward to.   School is nearly out, vacations are being planned, fisherpeople are lying about the size of their fish, gardens are being planted, swimming pools are preparing to open, golf courses are groomed, and baseball season is well underway!  Yes, summer provides a great time of year to engage in a different pattern and pace of life.

One of the things that doesn’t change, though, is the ministry and worship which we engage with here at Peace United Church of Christ.  While our rhythm has changed we continue to provide engaging and powerful studies, fellowship times, and worship experiences throughout the summer.  I hope you will fully engage in the many opportunities that are provided for all-ages!  We will be seeing you throughout the summer!

I also know that many of you travel during the summer… so IF you are traveling I encourage you to attend another church where you are traveling and become attentive and aware of how you are engaged at these churches.  Both Pastor Kayla and I attended numerous congregations when we were on our sabbaticals, and found these experiences to be eye-opening and helpful.  I hope you will be aware of how you are welcomed at these congregations, and involve yourself to find out what you liked about the worship services, what programs/ministries they engage in, and how your faith-life was enhanced by your visit.  I always welcome and appreciate receiving bulletins, newsletters, etc. from other churches. This is how we learn what/how other churches engage their membership in ministry!   

Your Peace United Church of Christ staff is also fully absorbed with ministry this summer.  While our focus is different, we continue to provide the full-scope of care and support as always.  We have, however, been doing a great deal of work with our ministry plans for the fall.  We are “re-tooling” some of our existing ministries to make them more engaging.  We are creating new opportunities to enhance the spiritual growth for many. And, we are making plans to provide new worship experiences!  This planning and preparation for the fall is creating a lot of excitement and possibilities!   Our prayer is that when this ministry plan is presented, that each member and guest of Peace UCC will find ways of connecting, engaging, and being part of our community more fully than ever!

You will also be seeing some new “tangible” things occurring at Peace United Church of Christ this fall as well.  Our Web Design team has been working at developing a new Peace United Church of Christ website for several months.  We are now working with a web-designer who is putting our plans and thoughts together and are targeting September 2015 to roll-out our new website.  This new website will provide a much more interactive and useable format.   Our building expansion and remodeling project is also underway.  Our Building Team continues to meet and is currently interviewing contractors for the project and for bidding to occur.  Once the bidding process is completed, and we analyze the financial support from the congregation (Footsteps to the Future) we will then call a Special Congregational Meeting with a proposed plan to move forward with the project.  Once this meeting is held, and if the congregation approves the proposal, construction is planned to begin this fall.

There are so many wonderful things happening at Peace UCC!  I continue to feel so blessed to be a part of this ministry and working with each and every person who engages so fully in our community – our family of faith!   I ask for your continued prayers as we walk together with our “Footsteps to the Future”!



Pastor Paul